Frequently Asked Questions

Secure Online Payment site or send a check payable to the Orme Primavera Schools Foundation.

Any Arizona taxpayer filing an Arizona Tax Return can donate to the Foundation.

Any single Arizona taxpayer filing an Arizona Tax Return can donate up to $655 per year for 2023. A married couple filing separately can each donate up to $655, and a married couple filing jointly can donate up to $1,308.

GOOD NEWS:  The “Switcher/Plus” tax credit allows donors to claim an additional tax credit, OVER AND ABOVE, the original tax credit. This additional donation allows an additional $652 for single taxpayers and $1,301 for married taxpayers filing jointly. Donors MUST first meet the $655 (single) or $1,308 (married) Original Tax Credit maximum in order to claim the Switcher/Plus tax credit.

A taxpayer can carry over the excess contribution amount from year to year for five years until the taxes owed or the withheld amount equals the $655.00 donation.

YES! A married couple filing jointly may contribute up to $400.00 to the public school of your choice that may be used for extra-curricular activities. You may also contribute up to $800.00 to a working poor charity in Arizona for a tax credit.

The law requires that 90% of all revenues be paid out in scholarship awards. The other 10% may be used for operating and administrative expenses. Since Orme-Primavera Schools Foundation is a non-profit, no one receives any compensation for their work on the Board, but there are expenses incurred for bookkeeping, office supplies, brochures, stationary, and other business-related expenses. Orme Primavera will only use what is necessary and devote every dollar possible for educational scholarships.

The law says that the Foundation must consider financial need and must gather household income information for all of its scholarship recipients. Other factors that are considered include the number of people in the household, family circumstances such as divorce, medical considerations, and of course, merit. Awarding the scholarships is the responsibility of the Foundation; however, both Orme School and Primavera School can recommend students to the Foundation. “Switcher/Plus” Tax Credit donation revenues may only be allocated to students that meet certain qualifications under state law: those that are transferring from a public school to a qualified private school; those that are enrolled in an Arizona private Kindergarten; those who have previously received PLUS scholarships, and those who are dependents of a member of the Armed Forces stationed in Arizona.

No. A taxpayer’s donation for the individual income tax credit cannot be directed to the benefit of the taxpayer’s dependent.

Orme Primavera does not accept student recommendations.

Simply use our Secure Online Payment site and use your credit card OR download the donation form, fill it out, and send a check payable to the “Orme Primavera Schools Foundation.” Use the address on our web site. When a donation is received, the Foundation will send you a tax credit acknowledgment and thank you letter for you to use when filing your state tax return. The deadline of April 15 allows taxpayers to donate and elect to claim the credit in either the previous tax year or the current year in which the donation was made, much like an IRA.

Dan Jannone at Primavera School, (928) 445-5382 or Jessica Calmes at the Orme School, (928) 632-1564