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Primavera School Pre-K - 6th grade

Primavera School Pre-K - 6th grade provides an inviting and serene early childhood and elementary program for children in pre-kindergarten through 6th grade in a beautiful, natural environment that is peaceful to the mind and the eye. It is a place where children learn to value themselves, to develop healthy self-esteem, to achieve academically, and most of all, to love learning.

Since 1972

The mission of Primavera School Pre-K - 6th grade has been to prepare children for the future as life-long learners by encouraging high academic standards across a progressive curriculum and demonstrating a productive and meaningful interaction among families and between teachers and students within a small classroom setting.

The sense of community in a school like Primavera enables our students and their families to share a passion for learning, a positive attitude about education and the future, and brings us all closer to the heart of what really matters in schools.

Our Small Classes

Allow ample individual attention by a highly qualified, caring staff who encourage respect for individuals and a love of learning. Primavera School is an established leader in early childhood education since 1972. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is designed to teach the way children learn best, by direct experience and interaction with the real world. Our staff encourages each child’s natural desire to learn by providing structure, encouragement, and success. We are dedicated to teaching the “whole child” cognitively, emotionally, physically, socially, and morally at Primavera. Children leave us with the ability to realize their potential, love school, value their community, and respect our environment.

We encourage Primavera parents

To take an active role in the education of their children both inside and outside the regular classroom. Students are involved in many off-campus activities and field trips which enrich their learning experience. Our foreign language program, computer education, music, art, and physical education programs help make Primavera an exceptionally high quality and well-rounded school.

We encourage you

To donate generously to Primavera School Pre-K - 6th grade through the “Orme-Primavera Schools Foundation,” a separate non-profit corporation, formed to accept tax-credit donations to private schools. Your support enables us to improve the quality of early childhood education for all children by providing educational scholarships to deserving students to attend private schools like Primavera.

Orme Primavera Schools Foundation

The Orme School Offering a unique college-preparatory education since 1929

Set on a 26,000 acre cattle ranch in the temperate high desert of Arizona, Orme offers a rigorous educational experience for students in grades 8-12. Led by the values of Excellence, Tradition and Character, experiential learning is merged with a traditional approach, resulting in students who are well-rounded both in and out of the classroom.

Orme’s flagship programs of Horsemanship, Sustainability and Outdoor Adventure allow students the opportunity to develop an appreciation of stewardship for the land they live on and a sense of caring and responsibility for the animals that share the campus with them.

Safety During the COVID Pandemic

Orme’s remote location, coupled with the policies set in place by our Rapid Response Team, has allowed the school to operate in person classes, safely, amidst the global pandemic. Both domestic and international students have found a safe-haven on campus where they have continued to enjoy small classes, afterschool activities, and the rigors of the college preparatory program that Orme is known for. It has taken a monumental effort on the part of our students, families and faculty to be successful in this effort and support of Orme through the Orme Primavera Schools Foundation is needed now more than ever!

A Unique Opportunity for Arizona Students

Since the founding of the school, a socio-economically diverse population of local students from Arizona have been an integral part of our student body. Today, close to 30% of the total population includes students from Arizona. Donations to the Orme Primavera Foundation have made it possible for the majority of these families to be able to afford this educational opportunity for their children. Each year, we receive more  and more applications for support from families seeking a school where their child can not only grow, but flourish in small, intimate classes. Your donations to Orme through The Orme Primavera Schools Foundation allows us to help these families.